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Those arriving for the Bathurst 1000 are being warned not to dump their rubbish.FANS flocking to the Bathurst 1000 next month are being warned local authorities will not put up with any rubbish.

Specifically, they won’t put up with any rubbish being dumped around the city that costs Bathurst Regional Council and the environment.

Bathurst residents are also being warned of an impending blitz as authorities gear up to get tough on illegal dumping, which will attract hefty new fines.

Bathurst Regional Council, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Roads and Maritime Services are joining forces to ramp up efforts to curb illegal dumping within the region in a co-ordinated campaign.

Bathurst mayor Gary Rush said illegal waste dumping is an ongoing, costly and highly visible concern.

“Illegal dumping continues to be a problem right across the country and it’s estimated to cost Bathurst Regional Council tens of thousands of dollars a year, not to mention the significant impact and cost on the local environment,” Cr Rush said.

“Bathurst Regional Council is committed to working with the EPA and the Roads and Maritime Services. It’s crucial we collaborate with specialist organisations on this important issue in ourcommunity.”

Roads and Maritime Services western regional manager Phil Standen said there were certain times, such as during the Bathurst races, when there was an increase in illegal dumping.

“We have crews who maintain public spaces such as rest areas in and around Bathurst,” Mr Standen said.

“Unfortunately, at certain times of the year, there is a big spike in dumping of items such as lounge chairs and building rubble, which diverts crews and resources away from their role inkeeping the facility clean for people to rest and revive.”

In most cases, the rubbish is domestic waste, such as old whitegoods, pushbikes, lounges, carpet, tyres, clothing and other household items.

Rubbish can also blow into waterways or bushland, or by its nature result in contamination to land.

When hazardous materials such as asbestos or discarded syringes are dumped, the costs associated with the clean-up are very high, often requiring specialist contractors to remove the illegal waste.

Cr Rush said that often, items can easily be recycled or disposed of for only a few dollars at the tip.

“Councils are often left to clean up the mess utilising resources for reporting, investigating and finally removing the dumped rubbish,” he said.

Those found to be undertaking illegal activities such as rubbish dumping or even firewood collection from council and state lands may be issued with penalty notices.

To report illegal dumping within the Bathurst Region, contact Bathurst Regional Council on 6333 6111; the NSW EPA Environment Line on 131 555; NSW Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Footgolf: the Colonial Golf Club unveils new sport

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Fun for all: Footgolf is a new, easy to understand, way to introduce people to sport on a golf course. Picture: Helen Nezdropa.Imagine you could play golf with a bigger group of friends, finish sooner and not have to carry a heavy bag of clubs.

A new form of golf has been launched that will solve all of those problems for you.

The Colonial Golf and Footgolf Club this weekend kicked off the first round of footgolf on it’s newly prepared course with an exhibition friendly tournament.

It is the first footgolf course in western Sydney, but the sport has already been taken up widely in the USA and Europe.

Footgolf is a very simple game; you kick a soccer-sized ball around the course onto specially made greens with 53 centimetre wide holes.

The winner of each hole is the one that puts the ball in the cup with less kicks, as in golf.

Merle Gordon, owner of the Colonial Golf and Footgolf Club, said this is now a permenant fixture at the club.

‘‘The club will have this on every week and the we are working out what times this might work for school children to come after school,’’ she said.

‘‘The council and local community have been very helpful, helping us put this together and working on times going forward.

‘‘Since we set this course up we have been fielding calls from other courses about using this as a way to grow the game.

‘‘Even one director from a nine-hole course in New Zealand has asked about it.’’

The aim of footgolf is to bring new people into golf clubs, through people having fun in groups, some younger participants and providing a sport that is a little less serious.

‘‘We look like being extremely busy next term with school sports and kids pestering their parents to let them play,’’ Gordon said.

‘‘It’s a pleasure to see people going around the course and having a laugh while doing it.’’

Christian Wainmayer, who is on the Footgolf Australia board of directors, believes the low barriers to entry of this sport mean it will be accepted quickly.

‘‘Across the globe we are seeing families, even mums with kids across the holidays when there isn’t school, are the people taking this up,’’ he said.

‘‘Anyone who can kick a ball can be involved and the skills are easier to learn.

‘‘There are 190 footgolf courses in the USA already.

‘‘We are after people who aren’t taking it that seriously, but people who want to come and have fun.

‘‘The sport isn’t played individually; we see groups of guys coming to book and just enjoy themselves.’’

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Mixed results in Pool comp

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Round 6 of the Parkes Pool competition was contested last Monday with some of the results not going the way most suspected.

Top of the table Parkes Hotel (1) just scraped through with a tough 8/7 win over 10th placed Broadway (2).

Third placed Railway Rhinos smashed fourth placed Parkes Hotel (4) 12/3 while the biggest surprise of all was the young Parkes Hotel (3) team pulling off a great escape, winning the last five games of the night to beat the much higher placed Star Hotel (2) 8/7.

All the results of Round 6 were as follows:

Parkes Hotel 1 def Broadway 2 – 8/7; Bowling Club def Star Hotel 1 – 8/7; Railway Rhinos def Parkes Hotel 4 – 12/3; Railway Sleepers def Parkes Hotel Warriors – 10/5; Broadway 1 def Coachman Purple Cobras – 11/4; Parkes Hotel 3 def Star Hotel 2 – 8/7; Coachman Gravediggers had the bye.

Draw for Round 7 is as follows:

Coachman Gravediggers v Bowling Club; Broadway 2 v Star Hotel 2; Star Hotel 1 v Railway Sleepers; Parkes Hotel 1 v Broadway 1; Parkes Hotel Warriors v Parkes Hotel 4; Coachman Purple Cobras v Railway Rhinos; Parkes Hotel 3 have the bye.

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Big summer planned at Parkes Tennis Centre

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Zanda Johnstone will enjoy Hot Shots at Parkes Tennis Centre again this term. subAs Summer approaches, Parkes Tennis Club are getting ready for a jam packed program during the next few months.

The night competitions will get underway mid-October with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night divisions all catering for various standards and formats including singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Players may enter individually or as a team and further information may be obtained by phoning Helen Magill on 0407 253 888 or via email [email protected]老域名

Juniors start back from Friday, October 11, for another eight week program including ANZ HotShots for girls and boys aged from four years through to after school lessons, squad training and tournament play.

Tennis is a great sport to enjoy for life.

Starting young and learning the correct technique and game features will encourage juniors to stay with the sport.

Hot Shots players are in groups consisting of a maximum of four players.

It runs for half an hour once a week over the eight week program so it’s not a huge commitment for parents.

For further information about any junior programs contact Helen Magill on 0407 253 888 or email [email protected]老域名

The junior competition will commence Tuesday, October 14, with names needed to be in to Helen by October 7.

Junior comp will have half hour singles divisions and also singles and doubles divisions which a player may enter with a friend and play one set of singles and one set of doubles each week.

The comp will run from 4pm-6.30pm and times can be configured to work in with other sporting or academic commitments.

November and December will see the annual Club Championships and Bokeyar Cups being played.

Players should start thinking about doubles and mixed partners and get practicing.

Watch this space for further info on these events.

Next week there will be reports from all the holiday tournaments which are currently in progress across NSW with Jake Magill, Emily and Molly Thomson and Holly McColl all competing.

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INDISPUTE: Cathy McGowan won’t speculate on electoral fraud claims

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– Campaign ‘did not push vote shifting’

INDI MP Cathy McGowan’s election campaign is under the heavy scrutiny of the Australian Electoral Commission amid claims of electoral fraud, but the independent MP will not speculate what it could mean for her politically.

It is understood the commission’s new integrity unit is investigating allegations that some young supporters of Ms McGowan switched their electorate details back to Indi before last year’s election, despite no longer living, working or studying in the area.

Those votes may have contributed to Ms McGowan’s 439-vote win over former Liberal member SophieMirabella.

Voices 4 Indi, the grassroots movement behind Ms McGowan’s campaign, has denied any wrongdoing and said it highlighted a problemyoung, rural people moving away for study faced across Australia, in that they often were still deeply connected to their home towns.

Ms McGowan herself said she would wait for the results of the commission investigation before commenting further.

“I’m very supportive of (the commission) and I encourage their investigation of any complaints,” she said.

“It’s important peoplehave confidence in thesystem.”

A Liberal Party spokesperson yesterday said: “The Liberal Party is pleased that the Australian Electoral Commission is looking into these matters. These enrolments should be closely scrutinised by the Australian Electoral Commission.”

Mrs Mirabella did not return calls yesterday.

Ms McGowan said she was unaware of the investigation until a News Corp Australia journalist contacted her for comment on Friday, the day before the story was published.

News Corp reported the Liberal Party raised concerns about electoral fraud in an unnamed seat earlier this year, and that the enrolments of about 20 Indi voters were under scrutiny so far.

This included one young woman who was studying in Melbourne but changed her enrolment back to her parents’ Indi address in July.

Allegations have also arisen that “Indi expats” — supporters who had moved away but returned to work on the election — colluded in encouraging people to switch electorates.

There is no suggestion Ms McGowan knew of or encouraged any of the conduct.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission website, the address voters register under must be their main residence for at least a month.

The commission also stipulates that students away from home can remain on the roll in their home electorate.

— with AAP

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