Community must have say in how to protect forests

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I feel that writer misses the whole point of establishing a Mixed Use Park which would be to safeguard the natural values of this great asset for the city and all future generations.

I don’t live next to Canadian Forest but I see the same threats at Nerrina, Invermay, Enfield and other forests around Ballarat all pointing to an obvious need for proper forest care and management.

Because the current managing agents are so poorly staffed, the only way to ensure future health of local forests is for communities to become involved in their sound management.

The serious degradation of our valuable local forests results from misuse by parts of the public, who show no care, understanding or respect for these forests or their hydrology.

A few examples of damage caused by unregulated public forest users are:

Erosion gullies caused by four-wheel drivers in wet seasons, next to Ballarat’s main water storage ;

Sections of the Great Dividing Trail destroyed for walking by trail bike mis use in wet season ;

Invasion of forest by weeds from dumping of garden rubbish by public members who couldn’t care less;

Poor forest health resulting from low water infiltration, caused by an explosion of new trail bike tracks;

Loss of species and carbon sequestration caused by constant firewood cutting by public members who feel they have a right to take free fuel wherever they choose.

Ballarat’s precious forest remnants took 120 years to recover from devastation by mining, but are now degrading again through public misuse.

Climate change has reduced rainfall by more than 20 per cent and runoff by 40 to 50 per cent over the past 40 years so to survive our forests need every bit of care we can provide.

Are we going to support communities that want to work with agencies and all caring forest users to protect our natural areas, or should we encourage free reign to all groups to do as they please and ruin our forest for all?

I believe that trail bikes and four-wheel drives could use our forests responsibly, but that the only way for those users to ensure their future use and the health of our forests, is to become involved in sound planning for responsible local forest management.

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