Liberal party is creating new enemies

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THE Hodgman government istreading a dangerous path withits workforce.

It is creatingenemies where it needs allies, whiletrashing a key component of itsbrand.

It is over-reacting to the threat of adefeat in Parliament of its proposedpay freeze.

Beforeavote was taken on thelegislation in the Legislative Councilthe government withdrew the bill andimmediately earmarked 500 morepublic service jobs for the axe,including the possibility of police,teachers and heath positions.

Not very clever. Not very visionary.

Tasmanians warmed to agovernment that, in opposition,campaigned on the need to strengthenfront line services.

The Liberals campaigned forbudget reform and an improvedeconomy, but also promotedthemselves as the champions of thethe warriors policing our streets,teaching our children and treatingthe sick.

All that has gone.

Even if the government eventuallyspares the front line, it has broken itspromise to quarantine these servicesfrom budget cuts.

Tasmanians whovoted Liberal last March will notstand for it.

If the Liberals try to blame theLegislative Council it will backfire onthem because you don’t alienateindependent or politically friendlyMLCs, lest they join the ranks of themany enemies created this week.

Now the government is faced with adilemma of its own making.

It isdamned if it backs down and damnedif it holds firm.

The Liberals needn’t haveprematurely withdrawn the bill.

Theydecided it was not worth pursuing,but in doing so they became thevillains.

That their real agenda was 500more job losses. In other words, anideological rather than a financialstrategy.

Tasmanians strongly support areturn to fiscal responsibility.

It is notthe Liberals’ fault that the budget isso bloated and wasteful.

That’s not theissue.

The issue is the new government’sability to manage.

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