We need to use clean energy alternatives

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There is a lot of strong opinion about what this means, and most of us get into a lather defending one side or another or throw up our hands and don’t want to know.

But we have to reach a solution. It became apparent long ago that fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) are not reliable they’re going to run out.

They are also costing the Earth their emissions are messing with the balance of the atmosphere that sustains us.

Obviously fossil fuels aren’t the answer. What about clean, renewable energy? Wind power isn’t the answer the wind fluctuates when we don’t want our power supply to fluctuate.

Solar power isn’t the answer the strength of the sun fluctuates and is especially poor at night.

Geothermal power (from heat deep down in the earth) isn’t the answer because many of the best sources are well away from where we live and work.

Wave power isn’t the answer because it fluctuates.

Tidal power isn’t the answer because it is strongest in the tropics, which are far from most of our energy use.

The answer isn’t any one of these sources, it’s all of them.

Studies have shown that we can combine all these clean energy sources in an intelligent national grid that includes energy storage (static and mobile).

Such a system can produce more energy than we need, and certainly no less than we need at any one time.

Since the cost to the Earth is rising, we need to develop our clean energy alternatives and overcome our addiction to dirty fossil fuels.

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